How Do You Reward Yourself?

Hello! January Whole30 is over & I’m feeling GREAT!! My little reward to myself for staying on the program was a new sports bra from lululemon! I’m so excited for it to arrive!! I decided to try a different style—it’s the “lighten up” bra!

So, what’s next? I’ve decided that since I’ve been feeling so good (minimal headaches and more energy) I’ll continue this adventure towards a better relationship with food, with some modifications! For February, I’ve decided to go through and pick days to have sweet treats— my brother’s birthday (The Cheesecake Factory), CrossFit Competition Day (Sugar Shack Donuts), and Valentine’s Day (chocolate everything) for sure. Chocolate chip pancakes or waffles with be an occasional weekend breakfast. We really like Juli Bauer’s 3 ingredient pancakes or fluffy blueberry pancakes.

3 Ingredient Pancakes.png

3 Ingredient Pancakes from PaleOMG

JB’s tortillas will also make an appearance for breakfast tacos! You can find the recipe for tortillas in Juli Bauer’s Paleo Cookbook. SO DELISH! Thanks, Mom Jeans (don’t get offended by the nickname, my friend loves it!) for getting me hooked on those! 😛 And, the last planned meal also comes from JB’s latest cookbook, Juli Bauer’s Paleo Cookbook, pizza!

My meal plan for this week is pretty simple, and I’m loving it! We always have leftovers for lunch!

B: Breakfast tacos
D: lamb burgers, potato wedges, salad

B: breakfast casserole
D: CopyCat Olive Garden Zuppa Toscana (Paleo Style)

B: breakfast casserole
D: leftovers

B: bacon, eggs, fruit
D: cauliflower chicken casserole with green beans

B: chicken sausage, eggs, fruit
D: The Cheesecake Factory with the Fam!

What does your meal plan for the week look like?

I learned a lot about food on Whole30. I wish more people would adopt the mindset that food is fuel for our bodies and not something to indulge in during every meal, every day. There are situations where it’s expected for everyone to follow suit and go with the flow. For example, I went to a birthday party and politely declined the cake. Everyone was in shock. I couldn’t decide if that was because they knew I loved cake/sugar or if it was because I was choosing to be different. The point is: I survived and I’m better for it. I’m going to do my best to keep my sugar dragon under control!

Are you interested in doing a Whole30? Here are some tips that I believe helped me to be successful!

-Plan ahead. Everything. Plan out meals and snacks for the week. Make a detailed grocery list and take that to the store. Pack snacks for road tips, commute to work/gym/anywhere you’re going. You’re more likely to go off the program when you’re hangry. I started keeping snacks like lara bars, beef sticks, fruit pouches, etc in my gym bag and purse so that I would always have a healthy option close by. You don’t want to be stuck in traffic looking at billboards for Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. You. Just. Don’t. BE PREPARED!

-Remember: You’re stronger than you think. You can resist food samples, cake at birthday parties, bread at restaurants, AND SO MUCH MORE. If you have a bad day, you don’t need a beer or a bar of chocolate. Get your butt in the gym and then kick the next day in the face! Do not let a bad day bring you down, you are stronger than that.

-Do it with a friend! Having someone to hold you accountable can make all of the difference! Tell your family, spouse, coworkers, etc. My friend, Mom Jeans, and I did it together! Our daily texts were quite hysterical, but supportive nonetheless. Luckily for me, my husband was super also supportive. He was always sure to ask if he could devour a bag of potato chips or snickers bar while sitting on the couch beside me. I only threatened his life a few times. 😉 Seriously though, I’m thankful for his support!

I survived a trip to Texas, birthday parties, a road trip to Boston, and dinner parties with friends.

What are your goals or challenges for February? Do you have a rewards system in place? A new article of clothing or a trip to the spa sounds like an excellent reward!  No matter how big or small, I urge you to set a goal to attain in February! You can do it!

Let’s go Front Squat,



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